The Drunken Wizard
Ale Chugging Competition

ale = Your Chugging Challenger(s)

There are 4/ spots open in this round of the competition with a ___ Entrance Fee.

Super Pool:
🏆 1st Place wins
💎 2nd Place wins
💰 3rd Place wins
All players are gifted ___ Gold Bars

🏆 1st Wins:
💎 2nd Wins:
💰 3rd Wins:
Players get ___ GBAR

( You need to approve the game to use your to play =)

Super Pool bets are ___

Rounds Played

Payment Token

Total Won


GBAR Gifted

Hall of Champions

Winners by Most Won

Wins are calculated based on winners address being selected for either first, second, or third place. The winners token that is used the most is represented as their champion.

Super Pool Winners

On-Chain Verification

All of the game takes place on the Polygon blockchain. This allows full transparency into the game mechanics and history.

You can view the contract here:

Previous Matches

For rounds 60 and under, view Drunken Wizard Classic page (before Rift)

How to play

After long hours of !training and !guarding, our faithful Wizards and Dragons head over to The Drunken Wizard Tavern for drinks, songs, and games. Here at the Drunken Wizard Tavern, some of the more adventurous partake in the old time traditions of Ale Chugging Competitions for the chance of large purses full of GP Gold Pieces (GP). With GP being so widely valuable in their realm, it is the only currency of value here in the tavern. For those that wish to partake in The Tavern games, you must first connect your wallet with GP, then you will have to Approve the game to use your GP for wagering a single time. Once you have completed both of these plebeian tasks, you can then enter the competition or bet to win the Super Pool!

Ale Drinking Competition

Each round of the competition has a predetermined amount of slots available for competitors to enter. There is an entrance fee that must be paid in GP to take one of the slots and join into the current round. Once all of the slots have been taken, it is up to the Tavern Hosts to start the competition to allow onlookers to place Side Bets on who will win! The game will trigger the game to randomly choose a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winner. Each of the winners will win a percentage of the pot from the entrance fees. Players may claim as many slots in each competition as they wish, but you must claim them one at a time.

You may notice that the more your play, the more drunk your champions will become. If they get super wasted, watch out! They may start falling all over the place!

The Hosts will change each round of the competition varying the amount of players, entrance fee, and winners cut of the pool. So there may be rounds with 50 slots and massive pots to win, or maybe down to only 3 spots with a high stakes entry fee. You could possibly persuade them on Twitter .

As a tax for cleaning up the inevitable mess of a bunch of drunken Wizards and Dragons, the Hosts will take a 10% cut from the entrance pool of each round.

In addition, each player will be awarded Gold Bars 500 Gold Bars (GBAR) to their wallet. These Gold Bars will give access to future Krypto Sucks! ventures, including an upcoming store where you can purchase real-life items with your Gold Bars!

Side Bet the Super Pool!

The Tavern Hosts are well aware that there are many onlookers that want to get in on the action without completely inebriating themselves as they have important quests and training to prepare for. To help quench the greedy GP thirst of these lurkers, the Hosts are taking outside bets on who will win and in what order.

The side bet is a much smaller wager of a meagerly GP 1,000 GP, but gives you the chance to win the entire Side Bet Super Pool!

All side bets feed into the Super Pool, and the Super Pool carries over with every competition, getting larger and larger with every round! 10% of the Super Pool will go to the Hosts for Ale costs, and 10% will remain in the pool to start the next round of Super Pool wagers.

In order to win the Side Bet Super Pool, an exceptionally conniving Wizard or Dragon must pick which competitor will win 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place in order. Only one player can choose a set per competition, so there are no chances of splitting the Super Pool. If you win, you get it all!

Each player may enter as many side bets as they wish as long as they have the GP to back up their bets!

The Hall of Champions

Displaying our Chugging Champions for the world to see is not just to boost their ego about their insatiable thirst and god-like alcohol tolerance, but the Tavern Hosts have special plans for those on top.

These Champions will earn coveted spots on future white-lists, receive random air drops, and get early access to future Krypto Sucks! projects.

There is no wen, only will.

Previous Matches

To celebrate those that won, and mourn those that couldn't handle their ale, The Tavern Hosts have written every match down in their Scrolls of Blocks. To translate these cryptic writings for the commoner such as yourself, The Hosts have created a list of every round that has ever happened for you to peruse and gawk over.

Should you feel like helping your fallen brethren, or celebrate with the victors, their wallets have all been made available for you to tip them some GP for good karma in your upcoming quests!


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